Can you make money Day Trading?


Day trading is a volatile market and one should not just step in to the day trading market without knowing a few important key aspects of day trading, and how to be successful trading on the open market. Ninety percent of day traders usually lose money because they rush into trying to trade.

Many new traders fail because they are thinking about day trading all wrong.  They are focusing on the money. They are looking for an easy way to make a lot of money.  They are looking for a new way to make their living. They want to quit their job and start a new fantastic life.  People who think like this always fail. Day trading is not easy and it is not easy money. To succeed you need to be willing to spend countless hours learning how to become a better traders and improving your trading strategies.  Improving your how you analyze the market.  You need to have a burning interest for the finance industry and a lot of motivation to become the best to be able to become a successful day trader.

Being a day trader can be very profitable but it is not easy money and the money should never be your motivation.  Most people who chase the money fail.  If you focus on becoming a skilled trader then the money will come automatically.

Another common pitfall that traps traders who are chasing profits is that they end up making a few losing trades and then start to make larger and larger trades to make back their loses.  This is a quick way to lose a lot of money. A quick way to go broke.   You need to be able to detach yourself from the money and from the trades to be able to successful.  You need to stay level headed to make the right decisions. This is easier if you focus on getting skilled rather then making money.  A loss is a leason if you focus on becoming a skilled trader.  Nothing to be upset over and nothing that will trigger you to take unnecessary risks.

Develop trading strategy and stick to it.  If you do that then you have a good chance to become successful and earn a lot of money. Tweak the plan as you learn more but never makes trades that is outside your strategy.

Skilled traders who make a lot of money decide which trades to make based on fact and analysis. Do this and money will follow if your line of attack is a sound one.

How do you become a successful daytrader

To become a successful trader you need the right tools and the right mindset.  It is very easy to blame loses on low quality market analyzing software or on your broker. But this is seldom true.  The reason you lose money, if you lose money, is almost certainly yourself.  You need to mold yourself into a successful trader. You need to read more and gain more knowledge and  you  need to learn how to control  your own emotions as you trade.

It is very important that you understand that you will make losing trade. No one makes nothing but winning trades. To think that you will be able to make 100% profitable trades is foolish and shows that you are not suitable to become a day trader. You are a dream. Not a trader.  As a trader you know and calculate that a large percentage of your trades will be losing trades.  You know that the goal is not to pick 100% profitable trades but it is to end up with more money on your account at the end of the month then you had when the month started.  This will include both profitable and losing trades.  You just need to make sure you gain more than you lose.

To become a successful day trader you will need to learn self control and discipline.  To become a successful trader is to allow a strategy to control your every transaction.  You have to stick with the strategy. You can not allow yourself to stray from the path you have chosen.  If you do you are likely to lose money in the long run.  If you make random trades then your a speculating, you are not working as a day trader.

You need money to be able to become a day trader.  Money that you can afford to lose.  You will hopefully not do that but there is a small chance that you might.  I suggest you have a minimum of $50,000 to $100,000. More is better.  The more money you got the less risky trades you can make and the easier it becomes to make money.

Many beginner traders attempt to trade without being properly capitalized. This forces them to make very risky trades and take a lot of highly leveraged positions.  This makes it a lot harder to succeed as a trader. A few bad trades might be enough to wipe out a lot or all of your capital. Managing your risk is a very important part of being a day trader.  You need to be able to know when a risk is worth taking and when it is not. Being under capitalized will force you to take unnecessary risks to be able to making a living from your day trading.  All traders make losing trades.

With every financial market investment there is always high risk involved. When you first start day trading it is sometimes a better idea to make it a part time job, until you have grasped the concepts of trading on an online platform. Make sure you do your research so you can find the right trading platform to suit your needs.