3 Tips to Increase Your Forex Trading Profits


Forex trading is potentially a high risk venture, but armed with the right strategies virtually anyone can profit from forex transactions. Here we look at 3 ways to increase your odds of trading profitably.

forex profits

Foreign exchange (Forex) trading is considered by many people as their ticket to big money. Many investors have made millions just by trading in the Forex market. But what many new traders don’t realize is that they have to master certain skills to increase their chances of earning considerable profits. Forex trading is not the lottery where everything is left to chance.

While there is some element of luck involved, you have to exert some effort if you aim to make serious money with this financial venture. You will have to master a few trading strategies and learn how to time your transactions properly. Also, you will have to learn some trade strategies to become a successful Forex trader and to guarantee your profits with every transaction. Here are three of those tried and tested strategies:

1. Make long-term investments.

Day trading (or short-term trading) has become popular and this is why newcomers to the Forex trading world assume that short-term trading is the way to go. Short-term trading has some advantages such as lower risk of losses and faster collection of earnings. However, it has a few setbacks, starting with much lower profit opportunities. Long-term investments, on the other hand, may not give you your money back quite as fast but they do provide you with better opportunities for profit. For long-term investments to work, you will have to be vigilant in monitoring the market movements so you can take your money out immediately once your investment is no longer profitable.

2. Increase your investments over time.

Obviously, the more money you invest, the greater your profit potential. But in case of a negative turn, the risk for loss will also be much greater. In other words, if you want to make more money in Forex trading, you will have to take bigger financial risks. A universally accepted practice is to invest only up to 3% of the total amount. For the more adventurous or more ambitious trader, this amount can be increased to 10% or more. The risks may be high but if you are fairly sure of your investment, you will earn more eventually.

3. Avoid doing multiple transactions at once.

Some people can conduct multiple transactions simultaneously and keep an eye on each one. This practice is not recommended for everyone, much less for Forex trading newbies. Instead, it is best that you work out the details of a transaction first before you move on to a new investment. Focusing on one transaction at a time will enable you to make better decisions and ultimately increase your chances of making a decent profit.

As you become more experienced in Forex trading and learn new strategies, you can veer away from the standard rules and start to make your own rules. While you are still in the learning stages, however, it is best to keep on the safe side and make small but sure profits. Don’t take huge gambles that could wipe away your savings.